Aubrey’s Calico 6E

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Reg #43828604
Date of Birth: 3/27/2017
Horn Status: Horned
Sex: Heifer
Sire: Perks 0003 Easy Money 4003
Dam: KJ 849U Velvet 794Z
Footnote: Get in the game here! The second of our two outstanding Easy Money heifers in the offering and this one is horned. Calico has impressed visitors and is Cary’s favorite of the 2017 crop. She’s got a lot to offer, she’s stout but good looking and she’s bred really well on the dam side with the influence of the KJ Margo and KJ Vincent genetics and on the sire side you get Perks Easy Money, a Currency out of Ramona. Put yourself in the Horned division with a heifer that will easily run with the Polleds based on style and design! She is a beautiful deep cherry red color and her hair coat straight and thick. Working on her will be a blast for 2018!